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How do I write?  any way I can.  Longhand, with a nice pen and a good quality pad.  On a computer – either straight into my blog or using google docs.  Google docs I love because it means I can log in from anywhere, and my work is waiting for me.  Automatic saving, so I don’t need to panic about losing work.  And it has a word count function.  I’m a child of nanowrimo – completed twice, started a couple more times – so thrive on word count. I’ve also started using Evernote, which means that I can write on my computer or on my iPad – for which I use a bluetooth keyboard. As a reasonably fast touch typist, I find that the words flow better on screen than on paper, but plotting and planning just cry out for pen and paper.

What? anything I feel like.  I have written fanfiction – usually character driven, although I try to have a good plot in there as well.  For years I was in the habit of doing morning pages, writing a couple or more pages longhand on whatever was going through my head at the time.  That dropped off when I went back to work full time,  but now I’m back working for myself I’m getting back into the habit. I’m also aiming for 1000 words a day on any topic that takes my fancy fiction-wise, which is a good way of trying out ideas and seeing how they work out.

My general rule is that it doesn’t matter what you write as long as you write something, but I’m now working on taking my writing far more seriously, and so am researching a history book and novel and planning out a fantasy novel.


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