I think I’ve discovered the secret

I think I’ve discovered the secret to finding the motivation to write – it’s all based on the constructive procrastination method – if there’s something you should do but don’t feel like, find something else that you want to do even less. While trying to force yourself to do B, you’ll find yourself engaging in all sorts of procrastination, including activity A.

I’m trying to get a beta reading finished, because I need to have my workload cleared for a bit. So suddenly I find myself doing anything but – figuring out what I need to do with my writing, wanting to look for a particular book that gives guidance on character and point of view, even thinking that I really should read through my nanonovel from a few years ago, to give it a fresh eye and see if there’s anything worthwhile in there.

I’ve started swimming regularly, and came up with an idea for a story this morning. I want to sit and write it, but I need to get this beta reading done first. So I’m working hard on it to get it cleared so I can do other things.

Oh, wait, I’m not. I’m on here, sharing my wisdom. Or, as it’s more commonly described, procrastinating and avoiding work. It’s no good. Must get on. Beta, then writing. In that order. No arguments.

So when a short story appears on here, you’ll know that my beta reading project is completed and reported. Honestly!