Short term goals

It’s time for me to decide on specific short-term goals to move towards, on the way to bigger goals. So the aims for the next two weeks:

I want to beat my parkrun personal best (PB), so I need to spend plenty of time exercising and also concentrate on eating sensibly to improve health and get closer to my target weight. Both of these will help me achieve my short-term goal.

I want to get into the habit of writing regularly, so I’ll be doing morning pages every day and I’m also going to aim for 1000 words of fiction a day. They don’t have to be good fiction, in fact I’m going to aim for quantity above quality, because the idea is that once I’m actually writing I can focus on an area at a time to improve. So the first step is to aim for a habit of writing 1000 words of fiction every evening before bed (thinking constructively here: then I’ll go to bed with that in my head and dream about the next part of the story to write!).

I will know I’ve achieved my goals if at the end of two weeks I’ve got a new personal best at running and I’ve got over 10k words of fiction written.