Try something new

chopped peppersThe first time I ate red pepper, I thought it was chopped up tomatoes. A couple of bites was enough to realise that it wasn’t, but by then I’d realised that I liked the taste anyway. Now I’ll quite happily eat peppers of any colour. I’m glad I discovered I┬álike peppers, even though if I’d known what I was eating I would have said no. I discovered broccoli the same way, although I can’t for the life of me think of what I thought it actually was at the time!

One story I love about my father is how he always used to poke fun at my mother for eating branston pickle, and insisted it was horrible. Then one day he came home from work and said they’d given it to him as part of his lunch, and he’d tried it and actually it was quite nice! Ever since that day, he loved it and was quite happy to eat it.

So many times we avoid things not because we don’t like them, but because we think we don’t like them. We spend time and energy finding ways round them, when actually if we just gave it a go we’d be pleasantly surprised. As a child I was a fairly fussy eater, but as an adult I’ve learned to be more adventurous. Now I’ll happily try new flavours, and I’m prepared to give them a fair go, where once I would refuse anything unfamiliar. The same thing goes for new experiences of all kinds; I still have some strong ideas about what I do or don’t like, but I’m more prepared to be flexible and give things a try, because I’ve learned that sometimes it works out well. Did I really spend the first twenty years of my life avoiding pizza and lasagne?