About this site

This is a blog.  In a blog you read about someone’s life, and this is no exception.  Except you won’t be entirely sure whose life you’re reading about.  Most of the posts on here will be pure fiction.  One or two may be fact, or based strongly or loosely on fact.  Who knows which?  Maybe only me…

You see I like writing.  But it’s not always my own voice I hear.  This will be a place to try out different voices, different characters and different stories. If you want to find out how bad I am at writing, stick around.  If you want to see me improve at writing, stick around even longer.  Just don’t ask whether what you’re reading is real.  It probably isn’t.

In addition to my writing, I’ll also be showcasing other creative projects – most of the graphics that accompany the posts are my original creations.  And I may well be talking about how I learn new skills, because as well as being creative there’s an element of learning involved.  Whether it’s practising colour mixes and gradients, learning to put vector shapes together to create an image or learning to put code together to create a game, I may end up discussing it here.


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