About me

Who am I? I’m a middle aged woman with a very short attention span, who constantly looks for new challenges, especially creative ones.  I’ve done creative jobs and boring jobs in my time, I’ve just worked for three years in a secondary school teaching ICT and computing and trying to sneak a little creativity along the way. Now I’m setting up in business as a copyeditor/proofreader, working to support educational writers and the Indie Authors movement.

When I found the internet, many years ago, I soon found a group of friends who shared my interest in a TV program, and got involved with writing stories about the characters – a genre called fanfiction.  Some of my fanfiction is around on the web still – there’s a link to it from this site.  Some, I was saddened to realise today, could be lost forever, unless I can find archived copies somewhere. That’s assuming I can remember what it was!

In my time on the Net, I’ve become fascinated by the ways people express themselves via the computer – I’ve written and read stories, I’ve gazed in awe at animated gifs people have created as icons, and I’ve gazed enviously at fanvids that people have posted, editing clips of TV programs together to a soundtrack.

Now I have the technical skills to do all this for myself, but what I don’t have at the moment is inspiration: something to be creative about.  So I’ve given up waiting for inspiration to strike and have decided I’ve got to go out and work for it.

So this website/blog is a first step.  I’ll be aiming to gather my writing here, maybe even managing to dig out and repost or link to old stories, just to see how my writing has developed (or not!), I’ll be posting my nanowrimo entry here – so be prepared for a bucketload of waffle on that front – and I may even figure out something to get artistically creative over.  I’m not seriously expecting anyone to read my stuff, but it’s the act of creating it and putting it out there that I’m looking for.

And I’ll be experimenting with the wordpress software and the design and structure of my site, so be warned!  I said I’m always looking for new challenges 😉

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