New Year again!

judgeOnce again, I find myself contemplating the new year. This is something I often do, and it seems a shame to break the chain. So looking back at last year’s entry, what did I set out to do this year and how did I do?

running: distance goals.

Didn’t really do very well on the running front this year at all. Just as I am this year, I entered the year recovering from a knee injury, and it wasn’t really until July that I’d built up the distance enough to do a 10k race. Then I did the Herne Bay 10k (similar time to last year, but better run and with more behind me than previously), the Faversham 10k (my first ever 10k was this one, and this was my third or possibly fourth time), and the Givaudan Ashford 10k (this is where my right knee proved unable to cope last year; this year it was my left knee that gave up). After that race, my knee injury, which had been niggling for a while, decided it was going to stop me running, and since then I haven’t really managed to achieve anything – apart from a parkrun on Christmas Eve that was both horribly slow and a bad idea for my knee, so I’m now back to square one. I’m signed up for Brighton Marathon at the beginning of April, but to be honest I’ll be glad if I’m just out doing parkrun again by then. We’ll have to see on that one, and keep doing the exercises to strengthen the muscles in my legs.

writing: completing both novels.

I assume by that I meant Abandoned and Gods v Heroes. Gods v Heroes is now within a couple of chapters of being a complete draft, with various sections at different levels of completion. Abandoned hasn’t been touched very much since I wrote it, although I did start to revise the beginning and it’s already in complete draft stage. Since then, I’ve added in Life Lessons, which started off as a simple romance and ended up dragging in all sorts of other issues. I’m pleased with that one – it was a fairly clean first draft, although at 50k it’s rather short, and has been out to at least one reader already, with positive feedback. Now I need to start building that up. I’ve decided I need to aim for at least three drafts – plot, character/setting and fine-tuning. The plot draft is becoming easier with each project; now I need to start developing my skills on the other two draft types.

Drawing/creativity: regular practice.

I’m not sure I’d say regular practice, but it’s something that I have dabbled in throughout the year. It’s something that I want to continue in future, as well.

Technical skills: develop.

This is one that never really got off the ground, although I’ve continued to develop my skills in the software I use regularly in my business – InDesign, mainly, and starting to learn Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as working on my editing skills. Maybe at some point I’ll get back to the programming, but that’s low on the list of priorities right now, as I’m trying to ensure that I’m developing skills that are directly useful to the business.

Personal life: create an environment in which all can flourish.

Since I found a site called habitica, I’ve really made progress on this. Using the site, I can built up a list of tasks, set either as weekly tasks on or on specific days of the week, and by using this I’ve really built up a reasonable working routine for the housework. There’s still a long way to go, but at least the foundation is now there, and I’ve discovered the motivation that was lacking previously.

So where does that leave me for this year?

Get running again

Trying to get running again, and at the very least working on my strength and mobility, because otherwise I can see myself seizing up completely and not being able to do very much at all.

Build up my creativity

My Annie’s Escapades project on Facebook should help greatly with the creativity, as I’m aiming to post a photo a day of Annie’s adventures helping me to be creative, or just to get out there and have fun.

Developing my skills

Developing skills that I need for the business, and putting a lot more time and effort into the business this year, so that I can have a little more financial security.

Developing my writing

Continue to work on my novels, and get at least two of them through another draft (it only took a month to write them, why should it take any longer to edit?!).

Taking care of the household

Continue to build up my routines and habits so that the house is more organised and so that those around me are cared for suitably.


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  1. It sounds to me like you’ve done rather well 🙂 How do you feel about it?

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