W is for walk

Posted as part of the a-z challenge.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately. Having a German Shepherd pup tends to do that to you! Well, I say pup – she’s a year old next month, and getting to the point where she can roam the countryside with me.

One thing I’ve noticed when out walking is that it’s fascinating to see what lies between. Between two roads that I often drive on is an ex-golf course, for example, and an area that years ago was overgrown but is now full of houses. In the other direction, there’s the woods that hide the area between one road and the next.

If I walk up to the pond and back, it’s the same distance as walking across the airfield and back, but it seems much further cross-country, and you find all sorts of curiosities on the way.

I go running regularly, but I enjoy the walks as well, because there’s so much more time to stop and look around, to take in the view, to discover places that are close by but hidden.

When I was working in London, I’d quite often wander the streets in my lunch hour, looking around and seeing the sights, seeing where different places were in relation to one another, finding those places I’d heard about but never seen.

Now when I wander around town I spot all the hidden passages, the courtyards between buildings, the architectural gems.

I’ve always enjoyed walking, but somehow it just doesn’t feel right to go out for a walk without a dog.


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  1. Walking is my preferred mode of exercise but I like to have a reason to go out if I’m walking alone. Just around the corner, there are several hundred new homes being built on a field which will fill in the gap between the road I live just off, and the A10 bypass. It’s sad to see a field built on but that’s progress, I guess.

  2. I love to take walks and explore. I find a lot of inspiration when I do so and my imagination gets even more exercise than I do! Great work with the Challenge. 🙂


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