V is for victory

Posted as part of the A-Z challenge.

Victories give you something to celebrate. I’m celebrating a few victories today: I have the clear conscience that I got a job out of the way yesterday that’s been hanging over me for a long time, I ran a really strong PB at parkrun today – and there are currently three chickens in my new hen house.

Sometimes we have jobs that we dread, and we put it off as hard as we can. When that happens, I try to remind myself how good it will feel to have it out of the way – not only because it will no longer be looming, but because I can pat myself on the back and remind myself that I did it, I achieved something, I showed some self discipline.

I’ve been running parkrun for nearly two and a half years now. My slowest time is over 39 minutes (not counting the 41 minute attempt which included a loo break!) and my fastest time has been gradually creeping down. I can still remember celebrating beating 35 minutes. Last year I was celebrating breaking the 33 minute barrier. This year so far I’ve brought it down another 2 minutes, finishing today in 30:40. It was hard work, but I feel really pleased that I’ve developed the strength and stamina and the self discipline to make the effort over the distance and bring my time down so far.

I’ve been thinking about keeping chickens for years, at various levels of seriousness. Then a month or so ago hubby bought me a chicken coop and run, and we were planning to get chickens when we get back from holiday, later in the year. Today the farm that sells chickens was running a talk on keeping chickens, so we attended. Hubby suggested that we could take the cat box “just in case”, as it’s still a long time until our holiday, and so we returned home with three chickens!

So all in all, lots of victories to celebrate today.


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  1. I adore chickens – have you seen that lovely Facebook film going round of a little boy and the chicken going to him for a cuddle? I’m a terrible procrastinator – it’s amazing how easy some of those jobs actually are as soon as you start in on them! ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

  2. Hiya – no, I haven’t seen it, sounds fun. I’m enjoying my chickens – got 3 eggs this morning!
    Thanks for dropping by.


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