S is for study

The study is the room where I spend most of my working day. And it’s usually what I do when I’m in there! Whether it’s studying someone’s manuscript to see how I can help them with it, or studying style guides and editorial guides, or working on my own novel, or general research, there’s always something new to learn.

How do you study best? I prefer working from a book, taking my time and reading and then doing worked examples. I sometimes try to skip the active bit and just read, but I always find I learn best when doing as well as reading about – something to bear in mind, I guess!

Then there’s the reason for study – is it personal interest or to gain a qualification? I find I learn best when it’s for a specific purpose, and preferably when I have deadlines to meet. Otherwise it’s all too easy to lose interest and let things slide too much.

But whatever way you do it, the important thing is that you study and that you enjoy the process.



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