Q is for quest

Posted as part of the a-z challenge.

The novel I’m currently working on explores the difference between playing an online game and living in the real world. In the online game, quests are obvious, the requirement to complete them is obvious and there is an instant reward. In real life, quests are nowhere near as obvious to find or complete.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have our mission in life handed to us, with clear instructions on how to fulfil it? I guess some people do, but for many of us, life becomes one long search for what we should be doing.

For some people, they solve the problem by burying themselves into another world, where life is simpler. The real world can seem uncertain and scary, and it is easier to hide from it.

Or maybe we should turn life into a game, and award ourselves points when we do something boring or tricky. That’s what gamification is all about.

The important thing is that we find ourselves some kind of quest and just get on with it. My current quests are running half marathons, and seriously considering building up to a full one, and completing this novel and considering the next.

I guess they’re clear quests, and carry clear objectives for finishing and specific rewards for completion. Easy though? No.



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