K is for K’s

Yes, I hate seeing it with the apostrophe too… This is a post for the A-Z challenge.

I seem to spend a lot of my time these days thinking about and measuring K’s. There are two distinct circles for this: one is for running. How many kilometres am I intending to run today? How fast am I running each K? What pace do I need to run each K in order to finish in my target time?

The other circle is writing. How many K’s have I written? How many K’s is your novel? This time, instead of 1000 metres, it’s 1000 word units I’m interested in.

It can get confusing at times – more than once I’ve posted about running K’s to a writing K’s group and I may well have done it the other way round too. In both cases it’s measuring output. But in both cases, the quantity isn’t the most important. The quality bears a lot of weight too.

How fast/intense was my run? Did I push myself hard enough to make a difference to my fitness? Did I take it easy enough to not suffer too much the following day? And with the words, do they really count? Have I gone off-topic? Am I talking sense? Am I using words well or wasting them?

Maybe someday I’ll be measuring in miles rather than K’s. I’m already doing a little of both, having trained for and run a half marathon. I’m not quite ready yet to let go of those K’s though.

And maybe someday I’ll be measuring in completed novels, rather than wordcount. But I suspect that one will take a little longer!


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  1. That’s the measurement I aspire to. COMPLETED novels.
    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!
    S. L. Hennessy


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