J is for jogging

It seems there’s a lot of fuss in the running world about being called a jogger. “I’m not a jogger, I’m a runner.” “Run like you’ve just been called a jogger.” I’m not sure when we changed from calling the activity going out for a jog to calling it going for a run.

Running sounds more impressive, I guess. But what’s wrong with jogging? What’s wrong with taking your time and enjoying your surroundings?

I’m slow. I’ll admit that. I struggle to run fast. And yet since I’ve been running longer distances I find I have different paces. I can run as fast as I can – still slow, admittedly – or I can jog along comfortably. Both are useful for different things. I wouldn’t jog parkrun these days, or a race, but I’d definitely be comfortable moving slowly on a long run.

But anyway, I have decided that this is the year I shake off the slow label and the jogger label and finally beat that 30 min parkrun time.


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