I is for inquisitive

Posted as part of the A-Z challenge.

Are you inquisitive? Do you like knowing the reason for things?

I am. I like knowing what’s going on. I’m curious. I remember one particular time when being inquisitive put me on a whole new life path.

I was working as a childminder, caring for other people’s children in my own home. I heard about a childminding conference happening fairly locally. It was at the weekend, it was free, it offered a lunch and it offered a couple of workshops and a chance to meet other childminders. Now childminding can be fairly isolating, so the chance to get out was not to be missed. I duly left my own kids with hubby and left for this conference.

The workshops were interesting, the lunch was good, and there was just one other part to the day: the first ever AGM of the new county childminding association. As part of this meeting, one of those large publicity cheques was handed over to the officers, for the sum of £5000, from the county council.

As a childminder, I was inquisitive. Just what was that money for? What difference could it possibly make to me, in my day to day life?

The steering committee then went on to ask for volunteers for the new committee. I rarely volunteer for things, and I knew no one there, but I was so curious about that £5000 that I put my hand up. Maybe I’d get a chance to see what happened to the money.

I was duly voted on to the committee, and stayed on it for the next six years. For three of those years I was secretary, and I also joined the regional committee, which covered around 5 counties, and became secretary of that. The money was partly spent on offering training to childminders, and I went on a training course myself in order to deliver some of that training.

The associations (county, regional and national) offered me a chance to obtain a teaching qualification in order to train adults, and I did so. I went on to a higher level teaching qualification, and in the process got a job teaching adult education, so that I could log enough teaching hours for the qualification.

Eventually I took another qualification, enabling me to teach children as well.

So you see, all because I was inquisitive, and wanted to know what some money would be spent on, I developed my career and had a lot of interesting experiences, making new friends and learning lots on the way.


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  1. Yes, which is one of the reasons I love the internet. Whenever I want to find out something I feel like I have an instant library at my fingers… Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @ http://www.lisabuiecollard.com

    • How different life is these days! no arguing about who’s been in what on the TV – a few seconds of tapping and we find out easily!
      Thanks for dropping by.


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