H is for home

Home. The place we feel safe. The place we spend most time. In touch typing, the home keys are where your fingers always return to rest.

Sometimes, I think, we can be guilty of clinging to home too much. Sticking with the familiar, the safe; refusing to strike out somewhere else.

I’ve currently taken up playing minecraft again – I have a couple of books on the game to review – and I’ve noticed that I tend to build my home where I am, rather than looking for pleasant territory elsewhere first. Once I’ve built my home, I’ll stick close to it, not straying for fear of becoming lost, ignoring the fact that I could build another home just as easily elsewhere.

It’s hard to let go, hard to move on, but you’re never going to find exciting new things unless you do.

How do you know that there isn’t somewhere new and exciting round the corner? Why cling to the old and familiar, when striking out means possibly losing our home comforts, but potentially gaining a lot more?

Even if you just head out on short trips, knowing that home awaits you at the end of the day, that’s better than never going at all.

It’s all about being adventurous, trying new things, being willing to make room for new by being able to let go of the familiar, at least for a while.


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