G is for good

GPosted as part of the A-Z blog challenge.

We’re always chasing that elusive “good”. Is my work good? Sometimes, Is my work any good? How do we judge?

Good sounds absolute. Something is either good or it’s not, as though there’s an invisible line you cross. It was bad, but now it’s good. And we feel something’s not worth doing if the end result isn’t good.

I’m learning to consider that as rubbish. If something’s not worth doing badly, then it’s not worth doing at all. Whenever I think about taking something up, I remind myself of what it would be like to do that thing badly, because that would have to happen before there’s any hope of doing it well. Learning an instrument, for example; there are hours of bad playing to go through before you hit the good stuff.

So is the bad stuff worth it? Will I still get pleasure out of doing it, even if I know I’m not doing it well? If I can answer yes to that question, then I know it’s worth trying. If my answer is that I can’t bear the thought of spending time on it and doing it badly, then I know to avoid it.

In the end, it all comes down to process, not end result. Is the process pleasing? enjoyable? good? Then do it. Because if you’re prepared to produce something bad, then eventually your bad will turn into good just out of practice.


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