E is for enthusiasm

Posted as part of the A-Z blog challenge.

Have you ever noticed how upbeat E words are? In previous years I’ve looked at Energy, and Effort, and this year it’s Enthusiasm. It could have been Eager.

All very positive words. All important things that you need in order to see a project through.

My novel is currently at the point where I very nearly have a readable draft. That’s the good news. The bad news is that where it falls in three parts, the first I’m reasonably happy with, the second less so and the third will probably need completely restructuring and rewriting if I’m to end up with something close to what I want.

At this point I find my enthusiasm is occasionally flagging. And yet – it’s the furthest I’ve ever got on a project this size, I believe in the idea, I’m very fond of the characters and every time I pull my focus back to the project as a whole I get enthusiastic about it all over again, and eager to get going.

So I will continue with the project. I’m finding it an enjoyable (another positive E word!) challenge and while I’m eager to get it to the point where I can hand it over to readers for their opinion, I also need to make sure I’m happy with the content and structure as far as possible before I do so.

Oh, and E is also for Eggs, but I thought I’d keep quiet about the chickens today!


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  1. emilia m.

     /  April 6, 2015

    yeah, eggs we had in abundance just yesterday 😉
    good luck with the project!!!

  2. I’m a writer too and working on a rewrite right now as well, so I know where you’re coming from. Writers have to maintain enthusiasm and be tenacious.




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