D is for dare

How daring are you? I’m not very daring, but I’m learning to dare more and more, as I set my sights on a challenge. It’s something we used to do as kids – being dared to do something provided that extra push that we needed. Nowadays I have to provide my own push – the days of people around me daring me to do something are long gone. But somehow I manage.

Last week I dared to take part in a half marathon. It was scary, and hard work, but also great fun, and I’ve every intention of doing it again someday soon.

I’m currently daring to write a novel – the first readable draft is nearly complete.

A couple of years ago I dared to start my own business. Now that seems to be making steady progress.

A few years ago I dared to try something I’ve always wanted to do, and qualified to be a classroom teacher. That – well, let’s just say it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, but at least I tried, and I’m not still sitting here wondering if I could do it.

My latest dare is to take on chickens. I’ve started levelling the ground and laying paving slabs to support the coop, and I’m looking forward to obtaining chickens and eating my first home-laid eggs.

Most of all, I’m daring to think that I have every right to try new things and make a success of them, and to live a fulfilled life.

How about you?


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  1. Visiting from A/Z. Good for you for being daring and taking on some of these things like running the half marathon and your attempt soon with chickens! Much success with it. I’m not too daring at all; prefer routine to change 🙂


    • Thanks! and thanks for dropping by. I’m not very adventurous either, but trying to push myself a little.

  2. yes I agree that it is important to keep on daring our selves to try new things new ways,
    for many many years we had chickens and loved them and then the fam grows up moves away and we got sick of being tethered to dog cat chickens and gave it all up.
    now the grownup girls are returning with families and this morning while sitting around having our morning cuppa we decided to get chickens again ..
    love the synchronicities

  3. Life should be about being daring and bold … even when we are feeling scared and unsure. Congratulations on your half-marathon and best wishes with the chickens!! 🙂


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