A is for acceptance

atoz2015I’m starting to learn to accept what I can do rather than fretting about what I can’t do. Rather than spending my time agonising because I can’t run as fast as I’d like, or write as well as I’d like, or draw to a standard that I like, I’m starting to relax more and enjoy these things anyway.

It’s all too easy in life to spend our time worrying about what we don’t have or can’t do. How often do we remember to look around us and appreciate what we do have and what we can do?

Instead, we ruin what we do have because we’re not satisfied.

One of my favourite stories is the woman who was constantly complaining her house was too small. She asked the wise man how she could get a bigger house, and was told to take all her chickens inside. This didn’t seem to help at all, so she was told to take the cow inside. When this was still no good, she took the horse in as well.

In desperation she visited the wise man yet again and told him how little space she had, and how taking the animals in had made it worse.

“Then take the animals out of your house,” he answered.

She did so, and returned the next day, very grateful. “It’s amazing!” she said. “I have so much more room in my house now!”

Of course, she had exactly what she had before, but she had so much more appreciation for it.

So that’s what I’m trying to do. Every time I start feeling anxious about what I don’t have, I remind myself just what I do have, and work at accepting and enjoying it for what it is.

I find it interesting to find that usually things then improve anyway without any further effort, simply because I’m taking pleasure in it and not fretting.



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  1. That’s the way to go! Accept what’s on your plate at the moment and make it work. What needs weeding out naturally does most of the time. Of course there are the times when we just need to remove something. That’s acceptance, too, I think.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  2. good post. Similar to the one I wrote for today actually. Great minds think alike. 🙂


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