Three things

2015-03-21 13.58.47Instead of parkrun this morning, I went out to a village hall convention, of all things. During the morning, I learned three things (none of them directly related to the subject of the convention, but that’s by the by!):

I really enjoy being among people who want to get things done, and chatting to them, and sharing ideas. I was reminded of the six or so years I spent on childminding association committees. I really need to find a way to get back into that sort of role again properly.

I find drawing and sketching relaxing, and want to do more of it, without worrying myself over the quality of it or feeling I have to justify the time spent.

I really am interested in raising chickens, and by this time next year would like to be somewhere near doing that, if not having actually reached that point.

Oh, and I also discovered that an S-type Jaguar is a very comfortable car, and quiet enough to carry on a conversation between three people, one in the back seat!


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