Out of routine but still achieving

Normally I cope with  life by developing routines. Because I know it’s a run/swim day, or a run day, or a swim day, I’ll get out there regardless of how I feel. Ask me to go on a non-scheduled day and there’s no way that will happen. Sadly, I haven’t managed to build up my writing routine that strongly yet, so have missed opportunities simply because the structure wasn’t there to force me to write whatever my mood, but the exercise is definitely at the point where it’s easier to stick to routine than miss a session.

So when I learned that today, my longest run day, I would have to run an errand, thereby disrupting my schedule, my heart sank. No time for a long run before, forecast for Thursday is rain so I can’t swap the two days safely, so what was going to happen?

I’m training for a half marathon, which takes place in around 7 weeks, so really didn’t want to miss out on my longest run, so I made myself a vague promise I’d go after lunch. Then I decided to take advantage of being dragged away from work for an hour and I took my notebook with me, so I could get working on my novel while out.

Having added a sizeable chunk to my novel, I tried to sit smugly at my desk, but there was still something nagging at me; I may have managed to work some writing into my day, but what about my long run?

Part of me threw up every excuse imaginable, desperate to prove that there was no way I could run, but I thought about my novel, how I’d been putting it off and putting it off, and how good it felt to get back writing again, and I thought about my running, and how I always enjoyed it once I got out there, and how if I missed this week’s long run it would make the HM training even tougher for the next few weeks, and in the end I got changed and went out.

The first mile was tough, but it felt good to have won the battle and got out there. The last third was mostly walking, as my knees started to protest, but I decided not to worry too much – I’d already walked about 5 miles with the dog today, and it was after lunch rather than the morning when I usually run, and I was short on sleep last night. So I finished my run in a very slow 1 hour 26 mins, covering nearly 9 1/2 miles, and now I can rest, because I’ve written today and intend to write some more this evening, and I also managed to get out there and run.

I think I’m back on track, with running and writing.


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