Editing on paper

I’m still plodding away at editing my novel. I’m focusing on the first half at the moment, and found the best way was to print it out, stick it in a binder and go through it with a pen. I was a little shocked to realise just how thick a stack 148 pages is! Seeing it printed out double spaced was quite a moment; I realised just how far I’ve actually come on this story already.

Now I’m going through making sure the first half makes sense and is in logical order. This has meant moving some sections, so I’m checking continuity. I’m also aware that I do a lot of telling, sometimes several times over, so I need to make sure enough information is given for a reader to follow the story without being repetitive – always a challenge when you have the world clear in your head but your reader could be thinking something different!

Then once I’ve finished working on the first half, I need to push forward through the story. The second half is nowhere near as well developed, and I’ve a nasty feeling I’m going to have to go a lot further towards destroying our world than I’d originally pictured. But I’m thoroughly enjoying the process, even if I’m easily distracted.

The best editing session I managed so far was when I took myself out of the house to a cafe with no wifi and poor phone signal. The lack of distraction meant that I was able to sit and really focus for a couple of hours. The plate of chips was good too! I’ll be repeating that exercise every couple of weeks, I think, and pushing myself to focus more when I am at home.

Once I have the complete story clear and in order, which will be the end of draft 2, I can worry in more detail about writing style and technical details for the next draft. I keep reminding myself that there will be plenty of time to refine the story down to the best I can do. There’s no point in worrying about individual sentences until I know they’re telling the right story.

My main challenge now is pushing forward fast enough to keep up the enthusiasm and not risk losing the train of thought or getting distracted by other ideas and grinding to a halt.


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