Recurring dream

I often remember my dreams – I think it comes as part of the not sleeping well. Sometimes I can trace them back to something that’s happened during the day, either to me or something I’ve read in the media. Sometimes they’re completely off the wall – I must remember to start writing them down!

Sometimes I have a familiar theme occur. It involves travel, and railways, and often involves London or another city that’s familiar to me at least in my dreams. I dreamed it again last night. There were a group of us – family, I think – trying to get somewhere, and we were trying to keep luggage and people together and find the right platform and get the right train, but the platforms were so crowded that there was barely room to stand, let alone move around to get on the train. Sometimes the issue is that I can’t find the right platform, or the right line, or that the luggage isn’t ready, or that the wrong train comes in, or two trains come in at once, but it’s always that frantic, urgent feeling of needing to be somewhere and struggling to get there.

I often recognise the place the dream is set; either coming in to a specific station, or related to a specific street in a town, neither of which I’m actually aware of existing, apart from in my dreams, but it seems to be somewhere I visit often in that dream world.

I’m starting to build up the habit of writing a minimum 1000 words a day, usually on some sort of short story/theme. I think I’ve got a vague idea what might crop up tonight. What would be really interesting is if it turned out that all these shorts turned out to be related in some way.

Not beyond the realms of possibility.

Do we make up our stories, or do we just transcribe them from wherever they exist already?

And what does this specific dream mean? It often turns up at critical points in my life, or what in hindsight turns out to be critical points, and signifies the struggle of knowing which way to go in life. Last night’s, though, I think just relates to the article I read about the boss of the railways receiving an obscene “bonus” to his wages (his bonus would be far higher than I have ever earned in a year) while there is misery caused by overrunning engineering works and overcrowded, rerouted trains.


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