Three days seems to be my limit

It appears that I can just about go three days without writing. I’m currently on day four, and beginning to loathe the sight or idea of anything to do with writing (a bit of an issue being as I’m out to writers’ group in an hour!) and I’ve already condemned my writing skills to the scrapheap. I suspect that if I leave it any longer, it will become harder and harder to get going again, and the reason for feeling bad will become more and more murky and disconnected.

Kind of like when I go out running. I’m in the habit now of running three days a week, but if I start skipping runs, it becomes harder and harder to pick up again. Thankfully my routine makes it easier to run/exercise than to skip. I guess I need to get that way with writing.

So – writers’ group tonight, with lots of inspiring chat about writing, and then pick up the figurative pen tomorrow night and get going again. My issue is that I’m debating what the game world is like, and rather than getting on and trying out one or two ideas, I’m waiting until I know exactly what it’s like, and that’s not how things work. Well, maybe when I’m more practised in the art of planning and writing, but right now maybe I need to experiment with one or two options and figure out which goes best. And in the meantime, there are plenty of other sections I can be working on.

So enough of the excuses, it’s put up or shut up time. Because if I ignore my writing then the urge will go away eventually, but will leave me feeling the poorer for it, just as avoiding exercise might make me feel better in the short term, staying in the warm, but will make me feel worse overall.

Ever pick up a book and try to figure out why events happen? Why events are in that order? Or does it always feel that it happens because it’s right? Because on the author end of the deal that’s not so straightforward. There’s a deep down feeling that there’s a “right” way for things to happen, the “correct” story to tell, and I’m just trying to chip away and find it. But is there? Would it work just as well another way? Am I making up the story or am I just telling it?



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