Playtime is over

I’ve come to a decision, in both my writing and my running. Playtime is over. Now I need to get serious.

I intend to enter a half marathon next year – I’m currently looking at the Paddock Wood half marathon, which is at the end of March, so coincides with the end of the Jantastic challenge. This challenge did wonders for my running at the beginning of this year, pushing me out to run when I would have otherwise stayed in bed, and pushing me to increase my distances. So using that to help with my training over the winter should get me most of the way there. I’ve been looking up elaborate half marathon training plans, but as speed really isn’t an issue for me (I don’t have any!), I just intend to keep pushing and extending my longest runs until I know I can run the distance. Speed is something to worry about at a later date.

As for my writing, I intend to start taking that much more seriously. I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to function well I need to write regularly, and I fully intend to develop my nano novel and do my best with it. Then I can return to my previous novel, and to other ideas, and start doing what I can with them. I received a creative writing exercises for dummies book to review, via amazon vine, so will be working my way through that to see what I can learn from it. But just as with running, as long as I’m writing regularly I’ll improve. Once I’ve done my best that way and stop making progress, I can figure out what the next stage is.


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