After nano – playing with scrivener

Now I’ve reached over the 50k target and validated, it’s time to start looking more closely at what I’ve got. So currently I’m playing around with keywords and collections in Scrivener, adding details to the synopsis and document notes and generally building up my understanding of the structure, especially since I’ve realised that technically I have ten different story arcs going on – the seven characters, the team they make together, the fantasy world and the real world.

Next will be putting it all into Aeon Timeline, so I can have a real idea of how the different arcs play out against a standard timeline. Time isn’t drastically important in this story, or I’d have built in the timeline before writing, but still it will help to have an idea of the timespan of the story, and of one or two of the arcs.

I’m finding Scrivener more and more useful as I go on, as it’s wonderful to really be able to get an overview of the structure, and I’ve also played around with the compile settings so that I can get a readable version with prologue, numbered parts and chapters etc.

The next job will be to examine each scene to see what it should be adding to the plot and whether it’s earning its presence, and then to see what’s missing. I know, for example, that I cheated with the big battle and did an Italian Job on it (face the large enemy forces, turn to the rest and say “I’ve got an idea!” and then cut to the scene after, conveniently skipping the actual fight scene). Now I really need to figure out the battles, so that I know what each member brings to the team, what their weaknesses are and how they overcome those weaknesses to triumph.

There’s still a long way to go, but the plan is to enjoy the journey. The secret is to remember that I am on a long journey, and to take each section at a time, rather than worrying too much about what is to come. I’ll face each challenge as I come to it, and right now the challenge is to analyse and understand.




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