Faster, longer, harder

I’m suddenly feeling very frustrated with life. It feels like there’s a constant pressure to work harder, do things faster, be the best, the most efficient, the cheapest, the quickest…

Part of the problem I see with society generally is that everyone is under too much pressure. This idea that people should work as cheaply as they possibly can, and cram in as much work as they can manage, leads to stress and frustration. Meanwhile, others struggle to find jobs. It only takes those who are working to crack under the strain and everything fails, whereas easing off on the pressure and spreading the workload would be much more efficient and provide that extra capacity to deal with problems.

My frustration specifically at the moment is running. It seems every article I read is about how to run faster, how to improve your pace, your diet, your running technique, your time… What about those of us who want to enjoy the running without this constant pressure? or who can’t run faster, and want to know what options are still open to them?

Writing is going well at the moment, in that I’m writing regularly, steadily and should finish nanowrimo by the weekend. But of course there are those who dashed through the 50k challenge in the first few days, and it’s hard not to feel word envy. On the other side of the scales, there are those who are struggling to meet the word count challenge and feel themselves failures, when actually they’ve written more on a single project in a short time than they ever have in their life.

January is coming up, and that means Jantastic. That’s one challenge I do look forward to, because it’s much more about turning up and doing the runs and the distance, and getting to know your own ability, than it is about doing better than everyone else. In the Jantastic challenge you’re challenging yourself, as really it should be on nanowrimo, unless you let the competitive spirit get the better of you.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plodding along, both in writing and in running, and try to enjoy what I can do and not feel envious of what I can’t do. Because some days the real challenge isn’t being able to write more or run faster. It’s enough to just be able to get out there and do something towards it, anything at all.



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