The other elephant in the room

I don’t mean the elephant that everyone refuses to talk about. I got confused when I first came across that elephant in the room, because what I always think about when I hear of elephants in rooms is the one that was in a room with blind men. Each of the blind men stepped forward to feel the elephant and work out what it was like. One felt the tail, and declared that the elephant must be like a rope. Another felt the leg, and declared the elephant must be like a tree. A third felt the ear, and said that the elephant must be like a fan, and so on.

I originally had two different stories in contention for nano this year. Tell a lie; it was three, but I realised that two were different sides of the same coin. I eventually went with the other one. Well, I’m currently trying to figure out what else to put in the story I did go with, as I’ve hit most of the milestones and I’m only at the halfway point. I figured out another strand that I could work in – but it was the other project(s) that I’d been considering!

I guess that as all these stories come from the same place – my mind – it makes sense that each is a different perspective on the same internal world view. It’s just amusing and at the same time frustrating when I discover that the rope and the fan are actually not separate things, but part of a much larger whole.

So as I develop my fantasy world more thoroughly and see the effect of the bad guys coming to our world, it looks like all my nano projects might get an airing after all.


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