So this is what it feels like

I’d forgotten just what it feels like to be in the middle of a writing project. The buzzing brain, the inability to switch to talking coherently in the real world, the frustration when a character decides he’s not going to cooperate and play along, even though it would make the job a lot smoother, the urge to pick up the laptop and get on with writing even though I’ve only got a short time available before I need to be somewhere, the sheer intensity of it all.

Next time I fall out of the habit of writing regularly, kick me hard. Remind me what it’s like – tell me to come and read this post. Point out that just as I feel bad when I don’t run or swim, I feel bad when I don’t write. That continuing to not exercise/not write does not make the bad feeling fade, it just generalises it so the cause isn’t so obvious. That the only real way to feel better again is to get back into that regular habit.

I’m currently 15,000 words into my nano project. That’s over 3000 added today, most of them at a write-in where about nine or ten of us sat around tables in a cafe and wrote or chatted about writing (or had conversations via facebook, but that’s another story!). I have a coherent story, which needs editing, sure, but some issues are getting sorted as I go. Others are getting flagged up to be dealt with at the editing stage. Characters are starting to act for themselves, the plot is starting to develop and I’m having so much fun it’s untrue.

November is my favourite time of the year, and now I really do need to learn to apply the lesson to the rest of the year too.

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