I’m a proper runner

2014-11-04 08.17.40After over two years of running regularly, you’d have thought I’d already decided that, but this morning was the morning when I realised once and for all that I consider myself a proper runner.

At around 6.30 am I looked at the weather outside and tried to decide whether to head out for a run before my usual swim or play it safe and go on the treadmill at the gym, where I usually limit myself to 3k in 20 mins. As the weather heads into winter, I’ve decided to do one long run a week if I can, and gym on the other day, with a 5k parkrun on Saturday, so I try for the long run on Tuesday if the weather is fine, and if it isn’t I hope Thursday will be better.

The third option was staying in bed, or at least staying at home in the warm, but I knew from bitter experience that that’s only the easy option at the time of making the decision, but that I would feel so bad mentally and physically afterwards that I would regret not running.

So I bundled up in my winter running gear and headed down town. There were a few drops of rain as I left the car, but I kept going, and sure enough the rain stopped, the weather wasn’t too cold at all and I settled down and began to enjoy myself, running along the sea front in the brisk autumn air listening to music.

I was aiming for 7k this week, having done 6k last week, but I may have got a little carried away – when I reached around 6-7k, I looked at the time and the distance to the swimming pool, which closes the session at 9 am, and decided that maybe I’d keep running instead of going for a swim. So I kept going, and kept going…

The longest run I’ve ever done so far is 10k – I’ve done three races at that distance and a couple of training runs. My Garmin registers my longest run, and I started wondering if I could push that distance up a bit. So I moved in smaller and smaller loops around the sea front and car park until I managed to clock up 11k, my longest run ever!

It probably wasn’t wise, and I shouldn’t increase my distance by that far that quickly on a regular basis, but it did show that I can keep up a steady pace over a longer distance, which bodes well for a possible half marathon next year. And above all, it proved to me that I can keep going, make wise choices about running and cover longer distances.

I’m a proper runner.

Now all I have to do is transfer that knowledge and wisdom into becoming something that I can recognise for myself as a proper writer as well!


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