All connected underneath

Many, many years ago, as I worked in my hideously overgrown garden, I discovered a little plant that was growing amongst all the weeds. I decided to try and save it, and dug it up to put it in a pot. The trouble was, when I dug down I discovered that actually it was a little shoot growing from a root deep underground, and that root went an awful long way and was connected to loads of other plants as well.

I was reminded of that incident recently when looking at my options for nano and trying to decide what to work on. Having realised that two of my ideas are connected, that’s the obvious option. The trouble is that as I dug deeper into that idea I discovered that it wasn’t as straightforward as I thought – that actually it goes far underground and pops up all over the place, connected to all sorts of other topics. So now I need to try and extricate my idea and the connected bits and figure out just how far I need to go with it in order to gather it all in.

It’s tough – every time I think I’ve got something straightforward it reveals itself to be so much more. And yet the simple ideas are nowhere near as interesting. And any that are turn out to be complex as well.

Ah well, it will work itself out as long as I pay attention to it and work on it. All I do know is that I’m giving the babies story a rest for this year’s nano. It needs serious work, and it won’t leave me alone until I’ve finished it, but right now I think I need to work on something new and rediscover the rush of creativity.



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  1. I love the comparison of writing to gardening. I too have two ideas flip flopping for control of this year’s NaNoWriMo; but they are so vastly different I couldn’t meld them into one if I wanted. I may end up with two very different pieces and work on each throughout the month. Or I may abandon one. Good luck in whatever you decide!


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