A new way to beat the block?

One of the best things about being a writer and a voracious reader is the variety of people you get to know, from all sorts of backgrounds and with all sorts of abilities.

I’ve been really struggling lately to get myself to the page – I know that I enjoy writing, and I know that I want to get on with it – and I will, but just not right now. And after weeks and weeks of dealing with that, I decided enough was enough. Luckily one of those many people I’ve come to know to through writing offers an unusual way to deal with issues such as writer’s block. She’s a hypnotherapist, and as a nanowrimo author she’s put together an audio file just for this purpose.

Now I’ve heard her talk about her file, and I’ve seen links to it, and I heard from some people who made use of it last year, but me – I find it hard to trust things like that. I hate the idea of anyone putting anything into my subconscious that I’m unaware of. It almost feels like cheating. I’ve looked into hypnosis a little, and tried to find out what’s behind it, but never had first-hand experience.

Yesterday I decided it was time I got over all that. I know my friend, and I trust her, and I just can’t put up with my own procrastination any more. After all, it’s not as though I’m asking to be hypnotised into doing something I don’t want to do in the first place (apparently that’s impossible anyway!). So I paid a small fee and downloaded the file, and it sat on my computer for the day while I plucked up courage to try out this strange witchery.

A short while ago I took myself off upstairs, put my phone to silent – with a countdown alarm set just in case I fell asleep – and started listening to the recording. But only after checking online that if I fell asleep I wouldn’t be left forever in deep sleep because I didn’t hear the end of the recording. Hey, I told you I’m a paranoid, mistrusting so-and-so!

The beginning of the recording immediately put me at my ease, and reassured me about the process. Then the message itself was so convincing and inviting that I really, really, want it to be true. And by the end I was still awake and focused and listening, and I didn’t need my alarm to wake me for a deep sleep (I fell asleep twice in yoga class, and the second time had to be woken up by the teacher; I never went again).

And now? Well, I’m writing, aren’t I? I’ve yet to see how it will affect me long-term, but I’m more than happy with the process and message, and I’ll happily listen to it again and again, and allow it to convince me that it’s all true, that the words can flow, that my writing will go from strength to strength. In fact, I suspect that this wanting the message to be true is the part that will make it true. It’s not putting in a message that shouldn’t be there, it’s removing the stuff that shouldn’t be there but is.

And I’m looking forward to getting on with nanowrimo this year, and seeing those words flow.

If you’re interested, here’s Barbara’s link to the Neill Technique for Writers. Why not give it a go? And let me know how you get on.


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  1. Do let us know how you get on with it! If only it could be this easy 🙂 Good luck with your motivation to write!


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