Respectable is enough

I learned a few things as a result of my 10k experience at the weekend. I learned that I enjoy running. I learned that while I’m not particularly fast, my speed is respectable, especially since I seem able to maintain the same speed over longer distances. And I learned that despite not feeling that I’m making much progress, in fact I am fitter and faster than I was a year ago.

So I’m doing something I gain pleasure from, I’m gradually improving, and I’m not too disastrously bad at it. Three good reasons to keep going.

I guess now I need to apply all three of those to my writing. Because I enjoy writing, I may not be producing best sellers but what I produce is readable, and the more I write, the more my writing will improve. With nanowrimo fast approaching, that’s something I really, really need to take on board.

I love the way that my writing and running link with each other, and whatever I learn in one area I can apply to the other.



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