Pre race jitters

Tomorrow I’m running a 10k race. It’s my first in months, and also marks one year on from my first 10k race, as I revisit my first ever 10k course. I’m hoping it’s easier than last year. I’m hoping I do better, and run faster.

But actually, I’m just hoping I finish. It’s a while since I’ve run the distance, and I’ve barely run at all this week. Combining my previous training routine with a new puppy and a currently heavy workload is proving tricky, and I’ve struggled to feel motivated.

But it doesn’t get any easier. Missing a run or a swim doesn’t make me feel any fitter, and makes it harder to get going again. I need to push through and keep going.

At the beginning of this year, I was running with someone else; we were meeting up regularly, regardless of weather, tiredness, aches and pains or anything else, and I learned that pushing past the excuses and running anyway brought plenty of reward.

At the end of last year, it was nanowrimo, and I wanted to write regularly because I wanted to be part of the local nano crowd. Not wanting to be left behind, I would keep pushing on with my story, and learned to enjoy the writing experience and ignore excuses.

In both these cases, I found motivation to push on past the excuses and do it anyway, and I gained my rightful reward.

I’ve signed up for this race tomorrow, so I’ll go out and run it. I need to remember that I can do it, and that there will come a point in the run when I settle down and enjoy the process. That each time I push on to that point it’s a little easier, and I gain a little more reward, and that if I wait until it’s easier to do then I’ll be waiting for a long time, so might as well get on with it.

The same with my writing; it’s a question of doing it anyway, and trusting that the rewards will come my way in due course.

So while I don’t expect to break any records or write a blockbuster novel (well, not quite yet, anyway!), I’ll go out there and do it anyway, regardless of any excuses I might find. And I fully expect to end up by enjoying it – or at least enjoy having done it. Because I’ll never regret having given it a go, but I would regret giving up.

In running and in writing.


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