Running in wellies

I had a strange dream a few nights ago, where I was running parkrun wearing wellington boots. I found they slowed me down considerably, but made life easier going through the very muddy section – although as I normally enjoy running through the sticky mud I’m not entirely sure why I felt this was good!

I joined Saturday’s parkun this week having not run for two weeks, and having run very little the week before that. I had a headache, I was tired… and as I listed my excuses to myself on the way there, I realised that was me putting on my wellies. Armed with so many excuses, I was setting myself up for a slower, easier run.

In fact, I’ve felt before that I do this a lot; that I set myself up for failure in some way, such as not training enough during the week, or not eating as healthily as I should, or not stretching my muscles out properly, so that while I complain about how badly I’m doing I have good excuses. The end result is that I grow frustrated and feel justified in slacking off – after all, I’m trying hard, so it must be that I just can’t do it. Never thinking to just take the virtual wellie boots off and prepare properly.

Now I just need to figure out the second half of my dream – why the pack of other runners turned into zombies grasping for me as I came out of the toilet block! Surely the other runners represent what I should be aiming for, not what waits for me if I don’t run?

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