Running to stand still

wet and muddy meThe title of this post is the same as the blog a friend writes. I think it’s a brilliant phrase, that really reflects how life is at times, so apologies for borrowing it for a bit.

I haven’t done much exercise lately, and by lately I mean the last couple of days. Transport issues have meant that I didn’t go swimming, and to be honest the weather, work and general hassle meant I allowed myself to slack off.

Today I did a Pretty Muddy Race for Life, and I really felt out of condition. Two days was all it took for me to lose fitness and almost get out of the habit. I’ve also been eating less healthily for the past week or two, which hasn’t helped.

I enjoyed my run today, but at the same time was a little disappointed in it. The day was well-organised, with plenty of parking, food and drink available onsite, plenty of loos brought in (no queues!) and a very pleasant route, which contained a couple of fairly challenging hills. We were sent off in 15 minute waves, which ensured maximum use of the course and management of runners. However, most of the people around me were walking, which made it difficult for me to keep motivated to run, and the obstacles were fairly tame for a mud run – when I say the cargo nets we crawled under were placed on warm, dry tarpaulin, does that show you what I mean? There were some wet obstacles, and by the end we were all thoroughly soaked in muddy water, but mud itself was not really in evidence – I’ve seen more mud on a winter parkrun. To add to the time taken, one obstacle even had a ten minute queue.

What I did learn today was that I need to keep up the exercise, and make it much higher priority. I need to keep up the healthy eating and not let things slide. I need to do regular stretching exercises (I went to buy a new pair of shoes while we were in the area, and the woman at the shop instantly identified that I have tight calves), and I need to push myself harder.

I also had a reminder that I do enjoy running. I enjoy moving under my own power, and I enjoy challenges, but I do need to be pushed to achieve them.

So now the intention is to keep pushing myself (10k in September is next, I do believe), and to look out for more challenges. We’re looking into getting a dog, which will mean plenty of walking when I’m not running, so that should help with general fitness.

And yes, stretching exercises.

Because today was a strong reminder that as frustrated as I get in running slowly, and not increasing my speed very much, it’s worse if I don’t exercise at all, because then I start moving backwards and losing ground far faster than I’d like.




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