I have a new strategy

I’ve had enough of avoiding writing, rejecting writing, coming back to it, reading old stuff, thinking of new ideas, failing to get them down, growing new ideas, not knowing which one to work on…

I realised part of my problem today when I came up with an idea and was instantly in battle with myself: of course it’s not anything I could publish… but maybe I could adapt it so… but it doesn’t matter, it’s for practice… yeah, but it’s possible I might…

You see, I find it difficult to write when I know it’s going to be bad and I know it’s not going to be anything suitable for publication. And I need to get over that. Bigtime. And fast. Because otherwise I’m not going to write anything at all, let alone develop my writing to the stage where I feel happier with it.

So I have a two-pronged strategy. One, which comes from working through the futurelearn writing course, is to start developing my writer’s notebook with snippets that boost my observational skills, notes that can be developed later and just general notes that develop my writing and get me into a regular routine of writing, not just thinking about writing. The other is to take a TV programme and novelise it. This is the idea that can’t be published. It’s not even something that could be published as fanfiction, as I’m basing it heavily on transcripts. What I’m aiming to do is fill in the bits in between, and maybe even develop the story in my own direction. That will give me experience of fleshing out a story that already exists, of taking a skeleton and joining the dots, to mix my metaphors a bit (hey, single metaphors are boring!).

I don’t need to worry about coming up with any idea, let alone an original and exciting one. I don’t have to worry about developing a hero that I can admire, because there already is one. I don’t have to feel anxious about the quality of writing, because that’s the whole point.

So sorry, I don’t have time to hang around. I have a novel(isation) to write.



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