Y is for year

A year. 365 days or so. I did this A-Z challenge last year, so a year has passed since then. Since I declared that it was time to get on with things.

How far have I got?

Well, I thought a lot about writing. And I did nano, writing around 57k words within the 30 days.

Since then? I’ve done a few 1000 word a day challenges. I signed up for the 100k in 100 days, but got nowhere on it.

I went through a stage in running when I would accept excuses – bad weather, freezing cold, too busy… but then I started to irritate myself, and would refuse to accept excuses and make myself get out there. I think I’ve reached that point with my writing now. Enough with the excuses. A year or more of procrastination is enough.

This time next year I expect to be reporting on the progress of my novels. Yes, that’s a plural word. My wimpy thinking of maybe being able to complete a novel in a year has been discarded. There are plenty of people who knock out a novel in a month. Yes, they’re capable of doing high quality work at high speed. No, I’m not saying I can. But I am saying that concentrated work on one project for a few weeks should be enough to get a substantial way through it without losing interest or momentum, or being overtaken by other ideas until I don’t know which way to turn.

What I will have at the end of the year is several proto-novels and a whole lot of writing experience, which will be enough to return to ideas and tackle them better. And I’ll also have a sense of achievement because I’ll have got on and done things.

I no longer have the fear that I have one idea and if I don’t get it right I’ve lost my chance. I have the understanding that there are plenty of ideas in there, but what I need to do is start pulling them out and working on them before they create a complete logjam and I remain motionless for even longer.


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