X is for (e)xcellence

I’m allowed to semi-cheat on one letter a year! As we draw to the last three letters, I think of excellence. I’ve already talked about the gap that exists between what we write and what we want to write. We strive for excellence, for the best, for brilliant writing, but how far do we go to get there?

At what point do we say we’re happy with a piece of work and move on? Is happy with the first piece we do the same happy as the fifth piece? or the hundredth piece? Is excellence for us the same as excellence for everyone else? Do we look for the same standards of excellence in what we write as we do in what we read?

When do we need to seek excellence, and when is it enough to accept what we have and move on to the next?

Or do we just have to accept good enough, and by accepting and moving on regularly we will eventually achieve excellence?


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