S is for stubborn

In order to get anywhere, you need to be stubborn. You need to stick to your goal even when the going is tough. You need to keep going, ignore any problems and refuse to stop even when you don’t see the way forward, because the effort of sticking to it is what will find the way for you.

I can be stubborn. I don’t like giving in and I don’t like backing down. But what I’m not good at is maintaining that stubbornness for a long time. Just as I’m learning to make an effort for an extended time with my running, I need to do the same with my writing, and stick to one project for long enough to get somewhere.

I keep worrying about spending too much time and effort on a project that ends up going nowhere, but the truth is that if I get on with it properly, no one project should take more than a month or so to get the bones down, which is further than I usually get. Maintaining that effort will help build up my stamina so that it comes easier and easier, not only to complete projects but to pick suitable projects in the first place.

So enough of the losing interest and focus – it’s time to keep going, encourage that stubborn streak of mine and ensure I actually achieve something with my writing.


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  1. Hi there – I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, sometimes life just wears us down a bit. Good post! Thanks! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! yeah, sometimes I think about the rock remaining firm in the water, and sometimes I think about how the rock gradually wears away.


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