I is for inspiration

It’s so tempting to put off writing until inspiration strikes. Who was it who said I only write when I’m inspired, and I see to it I’m inspired at 9am every day? (or words to that effect…).

That’s the secret, not waiting for inspiration, but training it to come to you. I used to feel frustrated at not being able to think of ideas, and then remembered a day when I was out with a friend and making up stories about everything around me. You see, I can’t pluck ideas out of thin air, but give me a situation, any situation, and my imagination will run riot.

I’m sure we’ve all done it at some point: a child is late home from school, and we can come up with half a dozen different explanations within a few minutes. There’s a delay on the road, and we can come up with suggestions as to what it is. With me, I can see a pigeon and make up a story about his family, or I can read a snatch of a story and come up with an alternative beginning and end.

So rather than sitting staring into space, I can seek out a stimulus of some kind, and then set my imagination free on it. That’s manageable. That’s a way to harness my imagination, to produce inspiration. By asking the magical question: “What if…?”.


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