F is for focus

The letter FTime for the Blogging A-Z challenge again! This proceeds through the alphabet, a letter each day, during April, with a break on Sundays.

So today I’m up to F. Focus. Adjust the focus on your camera and you see things more clearly. Focus on your work and you will see results.

Focus is something I can find hard. With some things, like work – yes, once I get into it I can get really focused, and forget myself. But with other more personal things, I can find my attention wandering, or as soon as I see any kind of success I feel restless and try to move on (a way of self sabotage perhaps?).

Many years ago, I felt my concentration was slacking off, and took up an Open University course to sharpen it up. That led to a computing degree and a whole new career for a while. So lack of focus sometimes means that I’m moving from one thing to another, or from one stage to another. Other times it can mean that something isn’t quite right, and finding and fixing that thing is the key.

So – what’s the issue this time? I’m hoping that as I work my way through the alphabet this month I’ll write my way towards understanding. Morning pages are another way, of course. So there’s no excuse. As long as I’m prepared to stay focused long enough to work out what my problem is, there’s a way to sort it.

The key to figuring out why I’m having a hard time writing? It’s writing. To paraphrase something that rung very true with me when I read it – write until I feel better.


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  1. Another way of saying ‘fake it until you feel it’. 🙂


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