E is for energy

What is this thing called energy? I keep chasing it, keep trying to find it – and then I find myself unable to settle, wanting to be up and doing something, and I wonder – have I just forgotten what energy feels like?
My writing is being rather neglected at the moment. I can’t seem to find the energy and enthusiasm to care about my characters, or maybe I just have the wrong characters.
They say to get energy you have to spend it. I’ve certainly felt better the more active I am. Is it the same with enthusiasm for writing? The more you write, the more enthusiastic you start to feel?
But how do you get started in the first place?

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  1. You sit down and just start writing anything.


    • I wish it were that easy! In one sense it is, but in another – it’s finding something worth writing about, something I care about enough to make the effort. But these regular blog posts are helping me get back into the right mindset.

  2. Are you down in the dumps? Is it winter where you are? When I’m feeling less energized, I try to spend more time in the sun, do something distracting, drink a bunch of coffee and then force myself to write words. Good luck!

    • We’re just coming out of winter, so getting better. and yes, I’m trying to use my time productively. I’m better than I used to be!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. PS What is the insecure writers group? I’ve noticed at pin on several blogs during the a to z challenge.


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