D is for destiny

Time for the Blogging A-Z challenge again!

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that you are destined to do something? If so, do you believe that your destiny is set in stone and nothing you can do can change it?

It must be hard if you do.

I’d like to think I’m destined to do more than just potter along. But in reality I know that my destiny is mine to make. That there might be some elements that are harder to change than others, but ultimately it’s my choice whether to try.

Believing in destiny means believing that things are outside your control. That other powers have made the choice for you, that there is no escape.

To get a little meta here, to believe this means giving up control. To not believe means to try to take control and to influence. So whether it’s true or not, I choose not to believe and to take charge of my destiny.

When I was small, I remember going on fairground rides – in particular, one that my brain puts at Beaulieu Motor Museum, but that might have been just because I saw a similar ride there years later. It was a series of small cars, with four child-size seats in each. Each seat also had its own steering wheel – for years I thought that was the meaning of four wheel drive!

As the cars went along the track, they would come to a bend. Each time, I told myself that the cars were on a track, that I wasn’t in control. And each time my nerve would break and I would twist the wheel at the last minute, as we appeared to be heading straight rather than round the corner. You see, I was sure what I did didn’t matter. But when it came down to the line, I just couldn’t risk it. Because taking my own action might be pointless, but not taking action, with even a small risk of causing problems, would be worse.

So whether my destiny is written in stone or not, I can’t take the risk. I have to take my own actions, see what I can make of my life. Because it’s better to be wrong that way round than do nothing and fail that way.


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  1. Love your last paragraph. Well said!

  2. Certainly agree – you have to take the plunge, and it is so incredibly freeing!

    Liz – my A-Z is at http://www.lizbrownleeoet.com (animal facts and poems, and stuff about my assistance dog.)


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