C is for challenge

cWhen did you last take on a challenge? I’m doing one now, with the a-z challenge. But generally I avoid challenges, and prefer drifting along.

And yet I’m not entirely sure that’s true – I seem to have taken on a few lately. I’ve just finished the jantastic challenge, which boosted my running. I’m currently doing the 5×50 challenge, which is boosting my general fitness. This a-z challenge is pushing me to write more.  I seem to need challenges to push me forward, because otherwise I’m content to remain where I am.

The secret to challenges is to set your targets just at the edge of what you can achieve – too easy and it’s not worth doing; too hard and it’s demotivating.

My biggest challenge at the moment is my allotment – both as I deal with the physical side, digging it over, and as I try to ensure I have enough work coming in to pay my bills with a bit left over for things I need to buy.

It feels like one of these farming games at the moment – starting from a bare patch and gradually adding more and more, eventually including a shed, water butt, bench, fencing around the perimeter…

It’s going to be tough, but I’m thoroughly enjoying myself and intending to rise to the challenge.

Just as with all the others. And when they’re out of the way I’ll be looking for more, because challenges make life interesting.


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  1. Sounds like me. You call them challenges – I call them projects. Without them I fear I will turn into the couch potato I know is lurching near the surface of my brain 🙂
    I’m going to have to search for the jantastic challenge. My running could use a good boost right now. It’s just starting to feel tedious.

    • Hiya
      The jantastic challenge has just finished, I’m afraid – it ran Jan to March. And the 5×50 has just closed signups, because it started on Saturday. But I’m sure there’s plenty others out there. Good luck!

  2. glad you came out for the challenge , happy a to z… and best of luck.


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