B is for balance

Have you read Watership Down? I suspect that most of what I know – or more likely think I know – about rabbits comes from having read this book as a child. I think it was one of the first adult books I read, certainly the thickest at that point, and I amazed myself by not only getting through it but really enjoying it.

Who can read it and not have sympathy with bunnies?

I have a new allotment. There’s a fence all the way round the field where the allotments are, and just the other side of the fence is a rabbit warren. I was up there the other day and heard a dog who lives nearby running around, then I heard a lot of frantic squealing and saw the dog running off with something dangling from its mouth.

As an animal lover it saddened me. As an allotment owner my feelings were different. You see, what sometimes seems cute and harmless can also become the bane of our lives, causing problems. If I spend my money on seeds and my physical labour on digging the beds out and caring for my crops, I don’t want them to be eaten by the wildlife.

I suspect there’s very little in this life that’s absolutely good or absolutely bad – everything, in its place, is useful. Everything, in the wrong place, can be a nuisance. Too much of a good thing is bad for you; the bad things serve to help us understand what is good. How can we understand happy if there is no sad? How can we understand like if there is no dislike?

The secret, I guess, is balance. To not seek to remove what we see as bad, or to only have what we see as good, but to ensure as best we can that we have enough of the good to make life enjoyable and enough of the bad for us to feel and appreciate that joy.


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  1. A thoughtful post! You reminded me of my childhood with the watership down reference. I used to rent the movie. Nice to connect with another A-Z’er!

  2. Watership Down still is one of my favourite books even though I first read it as a young adult. You are very right about the importance of Balance in our lives for it creates harmony. Good luck with the rest of the challenge. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful, well balanced post – even if the bunny part made me cringe. I love rabbits. Bugs Bunny did it for me. Good luck with your allotment and the challenge of the bunnies 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m feeling uneasy about rabbits becoming the enemy. I guess I just need a good fence 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Simply pant enough. All gardeners know the bird, deer, raccoon, field mice, etc., will eat whatever you put down for them. So put down what rabbits love—and work on a good anti-tunneling system, On my way through some A2Z blogs.


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