A is for Active

The letter ATime for the Blogging A-Z challenge again! I really enjoyed it last year, and I need to get back into the habit of writing regularly, so here goes:

I’m a lot more active these days than I used to be. I exercise regularly, which involves swimming, running, cycling and walking – usually doing at least two every day. I’ve just taken on an allotment, so add a lot of heavy digging into that list and you can see why I’m suffering from aching legs and arms quite frequently at the moment!

I’m desperately trying to stop spending time sitting around doing very little. So the intention is that I’m either sitting at my desk working hard, or I’m up doing housework, gardening or going out for some form of exercise. So far things are going well, especially with the better weather and lighter evenings heading our way.

The one activity that I haven’t managed to work into a daily or weekly routine at the moment is time to write. That’s something I really must do. Maybe when my allotment is up and running and I have a shed up there with a desk and chair, I can get into the habit of spending time up there sitting writing, away from distractions like the internet. Once I have enough work coming in to earn the money to be able to afford to relax, of course. There’s always an obstacle in the way, it seems.

And yet I now manage quite happily to fit exercise into my daily life. I just need to recognise writing as important as well, and make time for it.


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  1. Its a balance to find time to excerise and time to write/blog etc, So many things take up our time! Great post & start to the A to Z challenge!

  2. Hi Emmyleigh! I appreciate your thoughts here as they are parallel to my own. Especially the writing routine! I’m new to blogging and hoping that it will help with getting a routine worked in. Thank you for helping me feel not so alone. 😀

  3. Stephanie Scott

     /  April 1, 2014

    Nice to meet you through the A to Z challenge! I also make a lot of efforts to be active, vital when I’ve got a desk job and I write in my free time. I wish I had room in my house for a treadmill desk!

  4. Hi emmeyleigh. What a great post. I like to exercise too. I love to hike, dance and go camping.

  5. I find planet writing and planet exercise are hard to connect.
    Nice to meet you and follow on AtoZ, look forward to your posts
    Twitter: WriterBizWoman

    • Hiya, thanks for dropping by. And connecting planet writing and planet exercise? interesting concept. I have written a couple of entries about how the one planet influences the other.


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