Running (roughly in order of difficulty)

  • Beat my parkrun (5k) PB (currently 34:21)
  • Beat my 10k PB (currently around 1 hour 18 mins)
  • Beat 50% age grading for 5k (that makes it around 32:24)
  • Complete a parkrun in under 30 mins
  • Complete a half marathon


  • Write at least 1000 words every day
  • Complete at least a working first draft of my novel
  • Study and work at writing
  • Plan out another novel for next November’s nano
  • Complete nano

Let’s see how far I get on those!

Having made it through the last couple of years with a Keep Calm and Carry On saying a day calendar, my desk calendar for this year is Runner’s High – wit and wisdom to get you to the finish line. Today’s saying is “The runner who ends the race is not the same runner that starts the race” – very true for me, as I ran parkrun as an ordinary runner and ended it as a member of the 50 club, earning the right to wear the red shirt.

So having done my bit for the running targets today, I’m off to do my bit for the writing targets.


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