Approaching another new year

Things this year look very different from this time last year. I’m happy to realise that my plan for the coming year is really to continue what I’ve been doing for the past few months, only more so.

I’m exercising regularly these days, and I’m starting to feel the benefit in my energy levels. Now I want to feel the benefit in my running speed and my weight/shape as well. I want to run more 10k races this year – I did one last year, in September, but various issues including a foot injury meant I didn’t get to do as much running as I’d planned. Now I have more time available, however, training should go a little better. As well as increasing the distance I can cover, I want to increase my speed. Hopefully I can do this by training over further distances and by pushing myself with intervals on the treadmill regularly. I’ve also discovered dance as a form of exercise, both in the form of xbox games with the kinect and through dance exercise classes at the local gym, where I swim regularly.

I wrote 57k words or so during November. I need to get back into the habit of writing regularly again, and make sure I’m pushing forward on this project. My understanding of plot, pacing and characterisation is growing rapidly from all the beta reading and editing I’m doing, but I need to target my writing into practice pieces, as well as working on this story that refuses to let go. I’ve signed up to 100k in 100 days, and I intend to make use of writing prompts and a creative writing textbook or two in order to push forward and make real progress in writing. I’m also going to be working through The Artist’s Way with a group of friends, covering a chapter each month over the course of the year.

The business is developing steadily. I need to push on with developing good work habits, and work out how, where and what to advertise in order to achieve a steady income stream. I’m working on building up business contacts and testimonials, and developing the skills I have to offer, but I can do more on this with more focus.

Working from home also gives me more opportunity to get the house sorted, and I intend to make the most of that opportunity. I need to organise my workspace and get the kitchen sorted, and then everywhere else, hopefully including the garden. I know all sorts of methods for getting to grips with the house – I just need to make sure I actually use them.

Generally, I think the aim for the next year is to make the most of time and not allow it to idly drift by with nothing achieved. As I’ve learned over the past few years, even if I move in a direction that turns out to be wrong, it’s far better than not moving at all. It’s all a learning process and I can use lessons learned to help me further, even if it’s not in the direction I thought it would be.



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