Insecure writers’ time again

It’s that time of the month again, Insecure Writers’ Support Group.

So what have I been doing since nano, and how is it going?

I had a day of editing, where I went through what I’ve done so far and pulled it into some sort of order, making notes on continuity etc. During that I cut out a chunk and then added some back in, resulting in a grand moving forward of 275 words. For six hours’ work.

Since then, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t touched it. Is it the realisation that there’s a long way between talking the talk and walking the walk? Is it that I’m burned out? Is it that I’m too lazy to write when not being cheered on by others? Probably all of the above. But I do intend to get back to it. And I do intend to write up the research I’ve done on the workhouse project so far as well.

There’s just this annoying event coming up that seems to demand the whole world stops for a few weeks, and that throws all sorts of distractions my way. I’m determined to actually accept and enjoy Christmas this year, rather than being dragged towards it kicking and screaming, but I do still need to make time for my writing.

The times over the past month spent in cafes and other places with fellow writers proved a good experience, and I still disappear to the cafe once or twice a week for breakfast and a scribble, but I’ve just taken on a grand total of five new beta reading projects and I still have my proofreading course to get on with, and I really must start getting on with things rather than wasting time.

I read with interest opposing views from published authors about nanowrimo over the past few weeks. It appears that even successful writers disagree on whether it’s a good thing to pour out lots of words quickly or not. I guess it comes down to what suits the individual. One phrase that I like was that it’s finding the time to think a novel that’s the issue more than writing it. That’s what I was lacking as I went through nano – changing my mind about things but not going back to change them. On the other hand, going forward helped me to work out various issues that needed to be worked through.

So it’s back to work properly after Christmas, with maybe a dabbling here and there beforehand, and getting on with everything else while still bearing in mind that I benefit from a creative time. With that in mind, I spent today on a creative project that I hope to publish soon – just an audio file of an elderly relative, which I’ve made into a video with photos. A simple project, but one that’s kept me entertained for a few hours. That’s what I really need – a project that absorbs me so much that I don’t have to force myself to find time for it, but one that pulls me in and doesn’t let me escape until I’m done.


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  1. Visiting from IWSG nice to meet you! It sounds like you have been having a busy and creative time with your writing and other projects. Best wishes for the festive season to you.

  2. You are always going to find conflicting opinions on how to write, but you’ve got the right idea, exploring them and finding what works best for you! Congrats on getting through a NaNoWriMo (I’ve never even tried–not yet. I agree with the person who says you need to be at the right spot in your head to toss down that many words that fast and I’ve never yet been there during a November. But one of these days I will. I’m willing to try anything once!) Now, you’re at the hard part–taking all that creativity and slashing and confining and taming it to make a cohesive story. That takes time and patience! Good luck!
    –December IWSG co-host


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